Cyber Square is a management program for cyber cafes, Cyber Cafés, Hotels, Libraries, Schools and other establishments that need to control internet access on their computer network.


Cyber Square program runs on all versions of Microsoft Windows operating system from windows 98 to windows 11.

Manage access to your cyber cafes

Once installed and configured, you will be able to manage your cyber cafes just using the Manager module.

centralized administration

In the Cyber Square program, all client stations are managed by the server (Manager module). You will be able to configure the time value, access security options, block programs, configure and block Internet Explorer access types, etc.

Complete Cash Flow!

Control your store with a complete and simple Cyber Square Cash Flow system.

In this cash flow there is the incredible system of Profit from Caixa Atual , it is nothing more than a system where you will be able to know in real time how much you are profiting!

View previously opened boxes, export any period and assemble the charts you want in Excel.

You will be able to receive the cashier summary by e-mail whenever the cashier has been closed or manually whenever you wish. It is possible to export to Excel all the information consulted in the Cash Flow and much more...

Print management from client stations and server

You control the prints made on the client stations by the server, a printer will be installed on the client stations and the clients will print to it. After printing at the station in the Manager, you approve the printing or not, at the end of the client's session you can charge what he printed. Customers can preview the print and see how much it will give before printing.

Multi-language (BETA)

It is possible to change the language to Portuguese and English, it is possible to edit the values of the translations for another language. Date, currency values and some labels have already been translated, but the client station and some part of the manager has not yet been translated.

Restart the Manager module without crashing clients

With Cyber Square Manager you can restart the Manager module or even the machine where the Manager module is and your clients continue using the client stations without crashes.

When you open the Manager module again you continue where you left off.

Send message to one to all customers at the same time

You can message a customer who is using a station or send a message to all customers who are online.

Customers can request help or a product without leaving their computers by chatting with you via the messaging system.

Full control over customers

Through the Cyber Square Manager program, you will be able to lock, close the Cyber Square program, restart and shut down computers, or even view and monitor what the client is doing with Monitoring Client Desktops .

Remote Desktop

You can see what your customers are doing in real-time and even help them remotely with Cyber Square's remote desktop feature!

To use this feature, select the desired station in the Manager > click on Station > Monitor


In the table module, you can add any product (Bar, Service or Hardware) to a specific customer's table and then charge it in an organized way, without having to write down on paper what each customer at the table asked for.

Customer release modalities

Release directly from the server - Release access to the station just by clicking on the station and then on "Start Session". Ideal for customers who do not have an account.

'Post-Paid' - option where customers use your services (Internet, Games, Office...) and pay later.
Your customer will be able to use it continuously and when you want to end it, just click on Logoff. The time that the client was at the station will automatically be calculated on the server.

'Prepaid' - Prepaid mode, customers buy the time they want to use.
When your customer's time is up, Cyber Square Customer will automatically close the applications opened by your customer (the system emits two beeps of 5 minutes and 1 minute before closing) and return to the initial authentication screen. 

In Clientes -Vender Tempo you can choose between prepaid or postpaid . Regular customers log in with their Nickname and Password . There are various configuration options, access options, etc.

Smart Waiting List

Put your customers on the waitlist and you can see the time remaining for the sessions of the customers you are currently using to finish.

Customer access history

Each access that a customer makes to your cyber cafes is recorded in the Manager, and you can consult and know the station number, date of entry and exit of the customer.

There, the owner of the cyber cafes uses Cyber Square and checks the time and machine that the customer used.

product registration

Put your customers on the waitlist and you can see the time remaining for the sessions of the customers you are currently using to finish.



The Cyber Square Client program blocks access to Ctrl + Alt + Del, Windows key (WinKey), access to Internet Explorer settings, Control Panel and access to windows that contain a title you want to block.

When the Cyber Square Client program is waiting for the user to login, the station is locked with a screen for protection, making it impossible to fully access Windows.

All these settings can be disabled in the Manager module, by going to Settings > Client Blocking.

no anti-virus

It will not be necessary to install Antivirus on client stations. If all the optional blocks that Cyber Square provides are used, it will be impossible for the client station to be infected by a virus.

Examples of blocks are blocking downloads, access to pen drive, access to Windows folders and blocking websites.


Whenever the customer finishes accessing the station, the system deletes the cookies generated by him, giving more privacy to his customers who may have forgotten their email, facebook, orkut or other important website open.

As of version 7.1.1 , Cyber Square erases data saved in the most used browsers on the market (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome).

Messages between customers

Customers can also chat with each other using the Messaging feature, just select the desired station and send the message.

The client using the client station can also send a message to the Manager module requesting some product.


By pressing the 'help' button, the customer automatically requests help from the server, thus reducing the service time and increasing the quality of the service in your store.

Office, Internet and Games

There are three categories of icons. You will be able to register the desired icons in each category and improve the security of access to unauthorized applications. 

Icon registration is done on the client module settings screen.

Offer products to your customers

Your customers can see the products registered in the Manager module and can even request their purchase directly from the stations.

When they request a product through the Bar module that exists in the client station, you receive a message with the order and the station that requested it.

Advertising-free client station

Your customers access the station without advertising and you don't have to pay anything to have this feature.


Cyber Square on TV Globo

On 06/30/2012 Cyber Square appeared in the soap opera Amor Eterno Amor on TV Globo in a scene where the character Mauro, played by actor Gilberto Torres, goes to a cyber cafes to talk to its owner, there he tries to find out if his son frequented the cyber cafes in the last few days, below are photos of the scene.

Cyber Square on TV Globo

Cyber Square being used by the owner of the cyber cafes of the soap opera Amor Eterno Amor on TV Globo. This was an old version of Cyber Square, since 2013 the interface has been modified to the one used today.


Download Cyber Square

Click the button below to start downloading the latest version of the Cyber Square Internet cafe program. This single installer installs the Manager and Client versions, which are the two modules needed to complete the installation of Cyber Square in your cyber cafes.

Download (Version 8.0.6)





years on the market

User Manual of Cyber Square

User manual (Updated in 2015).

User Manual of cyber square.pdf